Recovering From The Long Weekend

It was a long weekend in most of North America, it was it was. It was Canada Day on Friday of last week and Independence Day in the U.S. on Monday and I don’t know what Mexico and the rest of North America was up to, but surely they found some way to participate in the leisure our giant land mass took over the past few days.

I’m never one to pass up a cook out, in either life.

This grill is hilarious to me and I still love it after having it like probably almost three years.  It serves a ton of things, all of which make me giggle.

You might’ve noticed, I’m a black woman today. Well why not? Just as I’m not encumbered by size or shape, I’m certainly not restrained by skin tone. I can be blue or green or orange, I can certainly be a black woman.

This skin is a recent release from Adam N Eve. Yolande comes in a range of tones, I’m wearing the one called Expresso which is a dark tone, probably much darker than anything else I own. I think it’s just beautiful.

Yolande also has makeup options, I’m showing you a few as well as the clean, fresh face as it comes out of the box. 🙂

I hear a lot of people there aren’t enough truly dark toned, ethnic skins. Well ladies, here is one. Go check it out. It’s a beautiful face, for sure.

Your Shopping List
Adam N Eve – Yolande Expresso
Hair – Exile – Evangeline – Marble
Eyes – Poetic Color gen 2 – Dark soil
Swimsuit – ICING – Coralie
Lashes – Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6

Taken at Glookbone (192, 219, 5)

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