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Happy Birthday Truth, Or SHOULD I SAY CHARLIE

So then, today is Truth Hawk’s birthday. We’re all wishing him a Happy Birthday as good friends should but, I had a eureka moment earlier that I think I’m going to have to share.

You see, Truth and I aren’t terribly close but I do like him. As a blogger, I can honestly say he’s the dealer of one of my drugs of choice, hair. Hair baby hair mama, everywhere daddy daddy….

But, I realized something today. Today is Truth’s birthday. Today is Charlie Sheen’s birthday. Truth lives in LA. Charlie Sheen lives in LA. I NEVER SEE THEM TOGETHER. And, obviously Charlie Sheen could not worry about losing that gig on 2 and a Half Men since he OBVIOUSLY HAD HIS SL TRUTH HAIR MONEY TO FALL BACK ON. Oh yes, I’m on to you MISTER HAWKS. I HAVE SEEN THROUGH YOU RUSE.

I’m not saying, I’m JUST SAYING.

🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRUTH !!!! Continue reading