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So I Finally Went To Some Place the Lindens Recommended

You know those things at log in that say “Hey wanna go see some cool zombie-neko-vampire-steampunk-breedables apocalypse with lemonade popsicles? Click here!” that you get on log in?

I never click them. Never. Never fucking never. Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole

When I went to Chakryn Forest I had no idea I would be falling down the rabbit hole. I just knew I had dressed up like a giant salt water taffy and should stay away from seaside resorts. You know, my favorite group in Second Life® is the Impossible In Real Life group. I get weekly (or thereabouts) notices of new builds and highlights – places to go, things to see. Many of the places I use in my photos I found through NPIRL. Chakryn Forest is just such a place and home of the group owner and organizer, Bettina Tizzy.

This is a forest for wandering – there’s hidden caves, underwater forests and a handsome Frenchman waiting to show you around, saying “Venez!” Actually, I presume he is not always there, but I was lucky enough to tp there when he was channeling his inner tour guide. Anyway, he’s the one that showed me through the rabbit hole.

This is just part of a lovely House of Cards Tableau, but i will let you find the rest yourself. Just find the White Rabbit and go straight south. Continue reading