Modavia Fashion Week 2011.09


I arrived early and settled in for a great runway show at Modavia Fashion Week. Organizers ask the audience to keep their Avatar Rendering Cost under 1500 which can be a challenge when the entire room is full of fashionistas who want to look great. At a fashion show you cannot use some of the options to reduce lag that you can at a fair. For example, if I used my regular strategy of limiting the number of avatars that rez, the models would not rez.


The first show of the day was from Cheeryno Destiny of CheerNo – a very intellectualized collection with highly stylized and minimalist clothing for men and women. There were some really bold colors in the collection, but I crashed several times and didn’t get pictures.


The next show was from Faint Pulse, the sparkling wit behind Ladies Who Lunch. I knew it would be a fun show and was eager to see it. Despite a few crashes, I got to see most of the collection and it lived up to my expectations – a collection full of wit, energy and happiness.


Next was the highly anticipated collection from Monica Outlander of MiaMai. Her avant garde collections are some of the most innovative in Second Life and she knows how to put on a show – stretching the boundaries of Second Life runway experience. The models performed balletic routines as they moved and posed and the many spheres on the runway provided poses for tableaux vignettes. The collection was a wild menagerie of beasts and arthropods.


The next collection was Aida Ewing’s Glam Affair. This is a collection that will be warmth and heat to a winter day. A mix of black, white and saturated colors, it’s vibrant and lively. The silhouettes are modern and forward-looking while still wearable and versatile. This is investment high-fashion that will provide pieces that stay in style.

Sadly, I missed the next two shows, but I am certain they were as exciting and well-produced as these.

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