The Geometry of Sound


Of course I had to check out SL 3.0 and mesh clothing. I was curious about how it looked, how it behaved and needed to see more than someone else’s experience to really understand it. The moment it clicked for me was when I tried to click the edit window, not to edit it but to move it just a mm higher and discovered when the say you cannot edit it, they really mean you cannot edit it. I had presumed they just meant I could not resize it for my shape, which is also true. Luckily for me, the large size Jane skirt fit my shape, though giving me more booty than I am used to. I only wanted to raise it a hair because of the belt, not the skirt itself. I edited the belt instead, turning it a bit so its orientation didn’t have it cut into the skirt.

I wore the House of Fox Archboots. Like many of you, I fell in love with the shape of these shoes when I put in the tan and black ones that are part of the Platinum Hunt and was inspired to buy a few other colors. Incidentally, that’s the way hunts should work. They should inspire you to shop at the hunt stores where you find things that make you fall just a bit in love with them. If all of us did hunts and hauled our finds home without dropping a linden anywhere we went, hunts would go away. So, I always am happy to shop while hunting. It’s part of the cycle that keeps fashion fresh and fun by introducing us to new places.


The top is from CheerNo. Strictly speaking, it’s a dress, but I liked how it looked with the skirt and used just the top bits. It comes in several colors and is really adorable. I may go back and get some of the bright two-color ones. I love the collar and buttons which were just perfect after I used the touch-script resizer. While you’re at it, look at how the skirt texture stretches with the mesh so evenly and without distortion and please note the perfectly matching side seams.

The belt is from Coco and the bracelets and earrings are from Mood. The jewelry can be changed to several different metals using the hud that comes with it. I shot the pics at an art installation called the Geometry of Sound. This is one of four explorations of sound that are incredibly interactive. For example, the text was all white until I clicked it and then it began playing a sound loop – each column of text plays different sound loops. You can have multiple columns playing sound, but no more than one choice in each column so that when it’s layered on the music that is playing, there some congruence, not cacaphony.


The skin is Emilia from CheerNo. There are many lipstick options – and all truly wearable classic ones. The eyeshadow is also a tattoo layer, sold in sets that can be worn on all CheerNo skins.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Di’s Opera
  • Skin: CheerNo Emilia
  • Tattoo Makeup: CheerNo Emilia Lipstick and CheerNo Eyemakeups 01
  • Eyes: poetic Colors
  • Lashes: Lelutka
  • Hair: Truth Pandora
  • Top: CheerNo Milo (top of dress)
  • Skirt: Jane Marty Pencil Skirt
  • Shoes: House of Fox ArchBoots
  • Jewelry: Mood Pangani (a teensy weensy Jori Fair)
  • Location: The Geometry of Sound 

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