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Merry Christmas, Faery

Faery Sola_002

The strangest idea has gained currency over the past few centuries to the point that the majority of people on the planet are flat out wrong about one of the most basic facts of life: Fairies do exist. People don’t often see fairies and they move faster than hummingbird wings, but I am certain every single one of you reading this post have caught a flash of movement in the corner of your eye, but when you looked, you could not see what it was. Well, that was a fairy. Of course, fairies do come to rest and that’s when you can really see them. Sadly, though, most of us are not looking in the right direction. We are such an earthbound people we forget to look up to see what is right there in front of our eyes.

Faery Sola_007

Fairies are much more common in trees than on the ground. After all, they are often barefoot. They don’t want to get their feet muddy and wet because they can catch colds. When fairies catch cold, the whole world shudders from the force of their sneezing. Those people who deny the science of global climate change are unknowingly onto something. The fairy world has been beset with colds and flus as their immune system becomes weakened by human skepticism and disbelief. As an alternative to conserving fossil fuels and reducing our carbon imprint, we merely have to all of us begin believing in fairies.
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Filling Our Blood Spattered Demon Deficit:Guest Stylist Mae Tabak

posted by Gidge Uriza

I met this plurker and grid resident at my husband Silo’s rezz day party where she shot lizards out of her vajayjay.

I knew that wasn’t the last I’d seen of her.

Mae told me she was going to be a demon and wanted to shoot something incongruent with her demon. I thought the Sanrio-esque pastel background was festive and about as anti-demon as I had on hand.

Well, I didn’t look to see if I had anything with a puppy. But she might’ve eaten the puppy anyhow. Continue reading