Dress Me Up As a Pirate? (Cajsa by Hannah)

Okay, so L&S designer Hannah Yakan is smart enough to see that the Dress Me Up Challenge is a great way for designers to get some blogging exposure and she sent me two outfits to choose from. Being the water lover I am, I had no difficulty in choosing the Anne Bonney pirate costume…which could be mixed and matched in individual pieces. I used my Bishwear Toss Me Around hair because it has that whole pirate wench thing going…and posed out on the posing rocks…thinking Anne Bonney could be taking a rest, supervising her crew while they dig for treasure.

I was particularly pleased with the hat for this costume. It fit well and required very little hair editing and considering I was wearing BIG flyaway hair, that’s a miracle.

Then I added Bax Coen’s patent boots because their script color change would give me the perfect red for this outfit.

I put on Persona’s Silver Circle Earrings because, let’s face it, I didn’t have any pieces of eight.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
Challenge From Hannah Yakan
****STYLE NOTES******
Poses: STriking Poses
Skin: Belleza Belle Med Cotton Candy Wine
Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
Lashes: CyberNetic
Hair: Bishwear Toss Me Around
Shoes: Bax Anke Boot
Costume: Laces and Steel Anne Bonney costume
Jewelry: Persona Silver circle Earrings

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