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Chocolate Swing

Don’t you just love jackets? I certainly do, from short crop jackets to flowing swing jackets and every stop in between, I love them all. Frankly, I love them best when they swing open, unzipped and unbuttoned, so that I can enjoy the layering of my clothes. Here using the underwear layer for my cami and the jacket layer for the jacket, I  could have even added a vest or other top over, but that would not have suited the light gauzy fabric of this marvelous jacket from pop feel. For more photos, check my Flickr.

pop feel makes 5 of these jackets in different shades and prints and they are a wonder. Floaty and light, they really swing when you walk. Fair warning, though, I did have to do a fair amount of prim editing to get the jacket’s drapery to fit right – not just stretching it a bit, but also, moving individual prims that did not lay quite right on me and it was clearly fitted to a smaller avatar shape. Of course, having to adjust the flexi-prim is fairly common and it was not too difficult. And it was definitely worth the effort.  Continue reading

Salt Water Taffy

This dress from pop feel is a pastel knit confection that makes me think of Salt Water Taffy. I probably should have gone to Brighton Beach or Coney Island to shoot the photos but the colors made me think of the new Heart Reef Resort with many charming replicas of buildings on Mykonos. In fact, the build has photos of the original by its replica so you can see that this bright, cheery taffy confection of a city has its roots in a real Greek island.  The pop feel dress needed shoes that mirrored the red accents in the dress, so I chose Armidi’s Viviani in red. There are more photos on Flickr

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