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Pretty in Pinky

Posted by Gidge Uriza – FYI this is a review – but I can’t get the review logo to post!

When rifling through my new PXL Linda skins I found, to my delight, at the bottom of the group some skins with fun pink and purple tones. I immediately wanted to wear something light and summery and pulled out this dress from BINGO that I forgot I picked up. Continue reading

Forty Four Degrees? <3 Gloves

I have been experimenting with coming into work 3 hours earlier than usual at 5:30 AM. It’s a surreal time of the morning. The streets are empty and all the coffeeshops are closed. My early morning ritual latte before the bus where I would ponder which of four coffeeshops to choose no longer an option. The bus riders are a more proletarian group and there is no lively conversation, instead silence reigns. What suprprises me most, though it shouldn’t, is how cold it is in the morning. 44 degrees and foggy. So I dug out my gloves to keep my hands warm. It’s strange, but if my hands are warm enough, I am warm enough. If my hands are cold I feel miserable. Warm hands = Happy Cajsa. Continue reading

Peppermint Blue One Year Anniversary – FREE GIFT!

Posted by Gidge Uriza

Once Upon a Time at the Vicious Mall – I sent out a group IM for models. I said that the first 10 girls to respond would get to be models and of course keep the clothes. Alice07 Barzane responded, and despite her little English and my zero Japanese, we had a splendid afternoon taking pictures of clothes that would be for sale at Vicious Fairy. Continue reading

Patriotica – Part One

Live From the CNN Center in Atlanta!
My fellow Americans, and Ameriphiles,
The 4th of July weekend is almost upon us.
In RL this means barbecues, family picnics, parties, cookouts, trips to the beach and the omnipresent fireworks displays.
IN SL this means all of the above – plus the REQUISITE fashion adjustments for the old Red White and Blue. Continue reading