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Wake Me Up When September Ends


I will be happy to see the end of this September. It has been an eventful month, one that seems to be unbalanced by a shortage of good news. It made me think of this Green Day song that suits my mood.

I am a firm believer, though, in the power of dressing to cheer yourself up and this tunic from LouLou&Co for Marquis Market is definitely a cheer yourself up fabric.

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So Many Options Your Head Will Spin plus a SALE!


Sakide’s Delhi dress for Marquis Market is a real head-spinning confection. It comes with a hud filled with as many color options as an ice cream counter. The dresses remind me a bit of ice cream with their ombre colors coming from brilliant fresh scoops of color in 14 flavors. Add the classic summer cut and the great fit and, really, what more could you ask?
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My Colors are Blush And Bashful

I have moved to the sea, a nice change of pace from the government housing I where I was staying. But it seems that I’m doing too good of a job decorating, because every time I log in, there are people in my house. They seem to like it too.

I decided that perhaps if I showed up as a zombie with horns, the word would get out and I’d have less unexpected visitors. Continue reading