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Props for Poses

I love furniture and houses that have some poses built in and wanted to show you some of the lovely poses in Y’s Omake house and furniture. I am wearing a casual outfit featuring elements from Project Donate for UNICEF, Designers United and Hair Fair – a few of the events that are going on now.
I want to give props to the poses in Y’s houses and furnishing. I could not resist the beautiful windowseat full of poses that make the Omake house such a wonder.
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Echoes & Mirrors

The myths of Narcissus and Echo have inspired a tremendous outpouring of art throughout history and now and exhibition of the creative arts of Second Life with Designers United. The majority of the work at Designers United is fashion – such as this dress I am wearing, but there’s also posemaking and home building. The mirroring bench I used in these shots with their poses is an outstanding example of that creativity and craftsmanship.
The genius is that the poses in the bottom bench mirror the poses in the top and a semi-sheer prim separates them to give the effect of water. Taking two photos and putting them together is a relatively simple task and with the bench designed to create the mirrored effect, it was an easy thing to do.
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