I'm Very Limber

posted by Gidge Uriza

A good friend of mine recently told me about the low lights of their day at work, which included someone describing the qualities of their shite over the phone.

This only amused me endlessly, because for 10 years I worked in a phone room in various capacities……and because we dealt with women’s fashion we often got some nutters calling in.

My favorite pervert caller, who called for years until caller ID technology was invented (OH YES IT WAS THAT LONG AGO)  because we started calling him BACK, was this dude who called himself Gary.

Gary wanted to talk about foundation garments.  And other tight fitting clothes. He wanted to know if they would pinch or be snug. He wanted to know WHERE they would pinch of be snug. He also wanted to know how strong and how limber you were.

We used to tell him that we could lift him up over our heads, THAT was how strong we were.

I swear you could hear his entire body quake whenever we said it.

Good times.

I’m wearing an amazing and gorgeous cocktail/evening dress from Callie Cline that is all kinds of sexy. I bought two because I couldn’t decide on the color. The gown is quite tight, and I bet our old friend Gary would drop dead at the sight of it. I paired it with the Found Things Jewelry from Dark Mouse that will make your eyes hurt it’s got such intricate detail. 

Stop by Callie Cline to pick up one of these gorgeous new dresses. They come with both long sleeve or short sleeve options, as pictured. Both are delicious.

Style Notes:

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair- Laqroki – June – Dark Brown
  • Skin – Tuli – Hope – Sunkissed
  • Dresses – Callie Cline – Little Glitter Dresses in Lime and Rose
  • Shoes – Hays Uriza – Sayuri Pumps in Light Green and Pink Lavender
  • Jewelry – Dark Mouse- Found Things
  • Nails – Sterling Artistry – Peridot and Hot Pink
  • Ring – EarthStones – Destiny Bridal Set
  • Lashes Lelutka – Photoshoot 2
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Fields

5 thoughts on “I'm Very Limber

  1. Sienna Bellios

    I used to work in a call center, and still vividly remember a man asking me to “spank him, because he had been a very bad boy.” It is VERY hard to ignore that and continue speaking as though that had never been said. I dont know if he was serious or was just trying to get my goat, but it was funny as hell either way.

  2. Harper Beresford

    Well, this doesn’t beat the call someone shared as a sex worker with a client who liked to pretend he was a unicorn and he got off on her whinneying… but *almost*. I certainly laughed.

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