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Buy The Sky and Sell The Sky

There’s the progress we have found
a way to talk around the problem
building towered foresight
isn’t anything at all

Buy the sky and sell the sky and and bleed the sky and tell the sky Continue reading

Everybody Goes To Chouchou

There is a rule as a blogger that you have to shoot at Chouchou at least once before you die. Now that’s I’ve accomplished this, I resign from blogging. Okay kidding I don’t.  But it was fun to go over there and swoop around looking at all the awesome space and vignettes. Continue reading

Channeling my inner skank (nsfw)

Well, sort of, not all of the outfits from the Whore Couture Event and Festival of Sin are skankaliscious BUT some of them are. I said to hell with it in the 2nd picture and just got butt naked. Again here is another mash-up of the two events. Whore Couture starts March 1st and The Festival of Sin is going on now.

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SINcerely Whores, Hybie

Soooo, if you are a giant hobag have I got a lot of goodies for you!!! Just kidding (about the hobag part). But seriously, The Festival of Sin is going on (where I was hit on my a noobie linden with a giant penor) and the Whore Couture Event is coming up starting March 1st and will last until the 31st. So, below I’ve mixed and matched items from both events. Enjoy!

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May I Have Your Attention Please? New Bedroom Slippers Await you…

at the FESTIVAL OF SIN. It opens tomorrow and, in my world, every girl needs sexy bedroom slippers because wearing lingerie barefoot just means you have the ugly avatar feet.

And – these are MESH and have FEET! Plus they were easy enough to tint for even a Gidge to use! MAGIC! Continue reading