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Homeward Bound…..

After a week of traveling isn’t this how you think you should look when you are homeward bound?  Fashion for Life, Miamai and ZOZ outfitted me for my trip home….
The Traveler 1

Come home with me….
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Duck Duck Goose

0604_001 I have this hate-hate relationship with geese. Sure, I like them well enough for a Sunday dinner, but the only good goose is a cooked goose. My parents were big whist players and while they would be playing whist with Gunda and Louie or A.B. and Nora, I would be told to go play outside and sure enough, outside meant geese. Did you know geese bite? They will chase you all over and bite you. As you can see I am keeping a close eye out for dangerous geese as I explore Perambulate – one of the 10 sims for Fashion for Life. Just a few years ago I was walking along the side of the road and heard this hissing in the darkness. This was out in Cedar Hills, a Portland neighborhood that does not believe in street lights or sidewalks. I could hear this hissing sound so I slowed down, walking gingerly and then Whooosh! from nowhere, this goos beat her wings at me and bit my hand. You know how people say “I don’t know who was more scared.” Hah! I know who was scared and it was not the goose. 0604_002   However, perhaps I am safe in this lovely top and skirt from Poet’s Heart. After all, isn’t that color called Safety Orange? Continue reading




This gorgeous sylphlike, slinky sequin gown from Sundaara Designs is one of her many gorgeous and oh-so feminine designs at Fashion For Life. Fashion For Life is a fabulous annual event. One of the biggest fashion fairs in Second Life, Fashion For Life brings together over 150 designers united in a common purpose, raising funds for the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life in Second Life. This year, every item on sale at Fashion For Life contributes a portion to the American Cancer Society. Doing good while looking good – that’s my motto.  Fashion For Life opens June 7th.


One of the other pleasures of Fashion For Life is exploring the sims. With 10 sims each reflecting the builder’s interpretation of different modes of transportation, it’s intriguing to see how literally (or not) they take their inspiration.
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The Elie dress from Sundaara for fashionart – a celebration of the nexus of art and fashion – is as sweet and lovely as a summer cloud.

I just noticed that Akismet has protected us from 1,671,953 spam comments so far since we migrated over here about two years ago. 1,671,953! Imagine that. Such a big number It reminds me of my 7th and 8th grade math teacher, a vicious and physically abusive bully I still hate to this day even though he reserved most of his physical abuse for the boys. Before Christmas vacation, he challenged one of my classmates to write out from one to a million in long hand – telling him if he completed it by the end of the school year, he would pay him $1000. Of course, Phillip had no concept of how much a million really was, so he tried. He wrote out the numbers day in and day out for months, neglecting his homework, not paying attention in class, getting in trouble at home and on the wrestling team and generally making a mess of his 7th grade year. All seeking that $1000 and realizing far too late and after far too much damage to his school year that he would never make it. A million is a vast sum in human terms and we all certainly learned that lesson quite thoroughly though at the cost of a classmate’s education and reputation. Continue reading

Damselfly Returns To My Shopping List

Everybody has that store, that store you USED to shop at. Damselfly was my GO TO for big old floofy “TEXAS PAGEANT HAIR” and it was awesome. Truly, I was a major fan and flocked over to pick up every release I could. While I’m positive by the amount of FLEXI one sees in ballrooms that big flowy hair still has it’s audience, in order to keep my Fashion Mafia card I had to move on to mesh.

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Hair Fair 2012 Updos

After a lot of wandering, lots of unpacking, even more sorting, tremendous generosity from creators and far too much spending, I have shot a large sampling of the updos available at Hair Fair. If you want to check specific photos, you can click through to the Flickr set.

Store info at Blogging Second Life

  • Poses: oOo Studio
  • Skin: -Belleza- Lily V2 Pale 12
  • Makeup Tattoos:
  • -Belleza- Lily V2 Pale Red Brows Tattoo
  • -Belleza- Lily V2 Pale lip 5
  • Tuli Lashes / black
  • Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Brooding Eyes
  • Lashes: Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 02 MaterialGirl
  • Earrings: Sigma

The Sun


Gizza’s Sunburst Tutu

If you look real high
You just might find
Sitting in the stars
Glistening, glistening
Waiting for the band to come
Just waiting for that man to come
Oh, I wonder…


Gizza has made two sets of four tutus and it would take Solomon to choose the best of them. I wore this delightful Sunburst Tutu because I love its whimsy and the delicate, watercolor colors in the skirt.

Slip on down from that sun
To climb down to earth
And down to things like time
Because we are all, we are all just lovers
Born of earth and light like all these others

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JADE ~ Week 32

When I saw the next color I needed to blog was jade, I did a quick search on the MarketPlace and this sexy dress is the first thing that grabbed my attention. It doesn’t hurt that its from a shop that I shop at .. a LOT…. ZAARA!

Jade-32 a

Doesn’t it make ya just shiver? All that sexiness? Keep reading…..

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I Used To Rule The World…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

…..seas would RISE when I gave the word……

I know, lotsa fashionistas have blogged this dress. But it’s totally festive and I wanted to wear it too. I just had this whole pirate thing going on the second I saw it. So I went exploring and found this nutty build of pirate ships. And a guy apparently role playing a hanged man behind me. (Yeah that’s a person not a part of build). Continue reading

Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling….

posted by Gidge Uriza

As if I needed more reasons to feel tired, it’s been raining for days – which is the opposite of inspiring me to get stuffs done. Yet – I pounded some coffee and found something festive to show you this rainy day.

I’m constantly looking for an excuse to wear these pants from Schadenfreude, and this outfit from A-bomb was just the excuse I needed. The bodice is tricked out with buckels and geegaws and it normally comes with a skirt. But as I said, I lurve the pants and have been dying to wear them again. Continue reading