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Week 33 – Mahogany

Mahogany is not usually a color you think of when it comes to your clothing. But this week I managed to find something I already had in my closet… well TWO somethings.. my hair and top!

Mahogany-33 b

Both are Mahogany. The top is from one of my favorite stores The Plastik, and the hair is from another that I love to shop at Exile.

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JADE ~ Week 32

When I saw the next color I needed to blog was jade, I did a quick search on the MarketPlace and this sexy dress is the first thing that grabbed my attention. It doesn’t hurt that its from a shop that I shop at .. a LOT…. ZAARA!

Jade-32 a

Doesn’t it make ya just shiver? All that sexiness? Keep reading…..

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