Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling….

posted by Gidge Uriza

As if I needed more reasons to feel tired, it’s been raining for days – which is the opposite of inspiring me to get stuffs done. Yet – I pounded some coffee and found something festive to show you this rainy day.

I’m constantly looking for an excuse to wear these pants from Schadenfreude, and this outfit from A-bomb was just the excuse I needed. The bodice is tricked out with buckels and geegaws and it normally comes with a skirt. But as I said, I lurve the pants and mood ring, I have been dying to wear them again.

I also received from A-Bomb these RIGHTEOUS shortie boots. They are so shiny and cute, I want to kick someone while I wear them. No lie.

I’m wearing a new shape from Sui Generis – Cajsa’s creations. What do you think? This one is called Viveca – she’s a tall big shouldered broad.  🙂

I think she has a pretty face.

A quick look at the outfit as it comes –

This is the whole outfit from A-Bomb - LOVE MY WAY as it is sold!

This is the whole outfit from A-Bomb – LOVE MY WAY as it is sold!

Oh and I have to do a better post really showing this off, HOWEVER just a quick look, Abraxxa Anatine from EarthStones is getting married and to celebrate she’s selling some gorgeous wedding sets, I’m wearing Destiny in Gold – they’re both engagement and wedding rings in one, just a click of the diamond and your wedding band appears under your engagement ring!

Nice Bootie

Nice Bootie

Ok, so I’m BACK! I’m going to spend the weekends shooting I think, until this pregnancy gets past the “OMG I’M GOING TO DIE I AM SO TIRED” phase.

And yes – I’m pregnant! YAY! That’s RL pregnant my pretties – not prim pregnant!

Ok………the fashion deatils……

Bold R Indicates a Review Item

  • Shape – Sui Generis – Viveca
  • Hair – Damselfly – Cerys – Sand Dollar Blend
  • Skin – Genesis – Eden – Sugar – Rock Stark R
  • Top – A-Bomb – Love My Way – in Purple R
  • Pants – Schadenfreude – Striped purple pants
  • Boots – A-Bomb – Juliet Boots  R
  • Lashes – Lelutka – Photoshoot lashes 2
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors – Lilac Blossoms
  • Manicure – PXL Manicure – Pink and White #7
  • Rings- EarthStones – Destiny Wedding Ring Set in Gold and White R

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