I Used To Rule The World…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

…..seas would RISE when I gave the word……

I know, lotsa fashionistas have blogged this dress. But it’s totally festive and I wanted to wear it too. I just had this whole pirate thing going on the second I saw it. So I went exploring and found this nutty build of pirate ships. And a guy apparently role playing a hanged man behind me. (Yeah that’s a person not a part of build).

Based on the amount of help and suggestions I got from the 5 or 6 role players there, I might be the only girl who stopped by there in a while.

They even helped me row over to the other side, where I was supposed to collect treasure  or something.

Ok so this dress if not only elegant and lovely, it’s fifteen kinds of fun. I absolutely had a ball running around these ships taking pictures and doing all the poses that were out – all because of how fantastic this dress is. So YAY for Nardcotix – and thanks for sending us the review copy. It was a diversion and much needed.

Style Notes

***Bold R Indicates a Review or Promotional Copy***

  1. Shape  – Gidge Custom Shape
  2. Hair – Damselfly – Ashlynd – sand dollar blend
  3. Skin – YOUR SKIN – Adriana – Smokey Red
  4. Dress – Nardcotix – Isis Andaluz
  5. Shoes – Digit Darkes – Midnight Ball
  6. nails – PXL Creations

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