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You Got Me Singing


One of the rules I live by comes from Voltaire, who said “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” A similar idea is attributed to Confucius, “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” I really took this aphorism to heart when a friend of mine was writing a book on dismantling racism. I was reading, editing and helping him find illustrations. The book was ready to go for a few years before it was published because he kept trying to perfect it, looking for a better example, a more perfect metaphor, a stronger anecdote, a better adjective. I ended up making him a sign on a huge poster board with Voltaire’s quote blown up big and stuck in on the wall by his desk. It still took him another six months to let it out of his perfection-seeking hands.


I was listening to Leonard Cohen’s newest album, Popular Problems. His 80 year old voice is rough, dry and imperfect, but those imperfections give it such an emotional resonance that my skin prickled and raised goosebumps and my eyes became hot with emotion ready to brim over in tears. While listening, that quote from Voltaire came to mind again and I had a small epiphany. The perfect is the enemy of the good in another way – not only does the search for perfection paralyze us, but it also does not move us emotionally. Thinking of another Canadian singer, Celine Dion has perfect pitch. Her voice is flawless and strong and she has never once moved me emotionally. Even singing songs with sentimental lyrics, she leaves me cold and I don’t care for her at all. Perfection is not beautiful, imperfection is.

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This gorgeous sylphlike, slinky sequin gown from Sundaara Designs is one of her many gorgeous and oh-so feminine designs at Fashion For Life. Fashion For Life is a fabulous annual event. One of the biggest fashion fairs in Second Life, Fashion For Life brings together over 150 designers united in a common purpose, raising funds for the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life in Second Life. This year, every item on sale at Fashion For Life contributes a portion to the American Cancer Society. Doing good while looking good – that’s my motto.  Fashion For Life opens June 7th.


One of the other pleasures of Fashion For Life is exploring the sims. With 10 sims each reflecting the builder’s interpretation of different modes of transportation, it’s intriguing to see how literally (or not) they take their inspiration.
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The Elie dress from Sundaara for fashionart – a celebration of the nexus of art and fashion – is as sweet and lovely as a summer cloud.

I just noticed that Akismet has protected us from 1,671,953 spam comments so far since we migrated over here about two years ago. 1,671,953! Imagine that. Such a big number It reminds me of my 7th and 8th grade math teacher, a vicious and physically abusive bully I still hate to this day even though he reserved most of his physical abuse for the boys. Before Christmas vacation, he challenged one of my classmates to write out from one to a million in long hand – telling him if he completed it by the end of the school year, he would pay him $1000. Of course, Phillip had no concept of how much a million really was, so he tried. He wrote out the numbers day in and day out for months, neglecting his homework, not paying attention in class, getting in trouble at home and on the wrestling team and generally making a mess of his 7th grade year. All seeking that $1000 and realizing far too late and after far too much damage to his school year that he would never make it. A million is a vast sum in human terms and we all certainly learned that lesson quite thoroughly though at the cost of a classmate’s education and reputation. Continue reading