Gidge’s Fast Five: May 18th 2013

GidgeFast Five Happy Saturday my lovelies! I have some wonderful nuggest of fashion, wisdom, fun and whimsy for you today. I hope your Saturday is beautiful and that you never once have to look upon an ugly soul. If you do, I hope you have a fancy coffee to make it all go away.

1. Honour McMillan has a very serious business proposition that will likely take her away from us to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I bet she’ll be buying silk underwear and putting weights in the hems of her skirts like royalty before we know it.

2. Lennon Park – Avatars in Motion, my other favorite location blog, brings us more great locations to go shoot our silly fashion at, or just go and enjoy some beauty.

3. Blood Red – Grazia again shows us why she’s A List with a flawless editorial shot that is designed to inspire your sense of style and compel you to shop. I’m so glad she’s back.

4. Things To Remember About People Who Make Things In Second Life: AE Meth gives us a brief editorial to remind us to get our panties out of a bunch, light a scented candle and have some tea. Then relax and remember that our SL problems are #secondlifeproblems and calm the eff down.

5. A Storm is Coming: This pic caught my attention because my first thought was that he was a DJ – it’s the headphones. But as I read through the post, I was captivated at how this blogger hasn’t lost the thread. They’re still having a ton of fun blogging, fully engaging their inner child with fantasy and imagination and creating great style along the way.

That’s my love list of blog posts for this Saturday! MUWAH!



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