Gidge’s Fast Five 9.21.13

GidgeFast Five Alright you guys, this is the My Day Got Rained Out and I’m Trying To Decide if I Wanna Log Into SL or WoW edition.
With that, let’s begin.

1. Flowers In My Attic:  One of the definite premier events on the Grid is BACK with a new theme for September and Whimsy Winx has decided to show us that there is something even for you folks wearing bunny heads. So you see? All events aren’t for Barbies. Come on out, Bunny Head Wearers Welcomed!

2. Correctional Clockwork: In keeping with my Non-Barbie Theme thus far is an interview with a something or other tasked with keeping a very tick-tock correctional type of peace. Gorgeous pieces from A Clockwork Spiral are featured and the photography caught my eye.

3. Let the Sun Beat Down Upon My Face: Sometimes I really appreciate very straightforward editorial looks.  These have a very sparse appeal, and unlike photos that are super busy – I took a moment to note everything worn. These flexi styles aren’t really en vogue right now – but the presentation is well done and interesting.

4. The Howl: My first take away was how amazingly stark yet rich these photos were. My second thought was that, in the first shot, it looks a bit like the monster is peeing. Regardless, amazing photos.

5. Bring Me Rainbows:  These photos made me a smile with their riot of color that works so well. I love the whimsy of these photos, it reminds me of everything Freestyle blog should be – HAVE FUN WITH YOUR SL!

That’s it for me! I still don’t know what imma log into. Hmmmm…..

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2 thoughts on “Gidge’s Fast Five 9.21.13

  1. Madeline Zenfold

    LOL you are right! Seems I was peeing in that pic! I swear I was not 😛
    Thank you very much Gidge 🙂

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