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Saturday Slackerday

It begins with the clanging of an emotionless metal heart. The banging and clanging wakes me from my otherwise peaceful slumber and reminds me, it’s Saturday. This is perfect because this means I don’t actually HAVE to do ANYTHING. Continue reading

The Phone Rings At 7 Am…

I had this blog post planned. A couple of Arcade items, an item from Acid Lily, some Collabor88 – a well rounded event post. I’d shot it over a couple of days, dorking around with lighting, realizing after ten shots I was on medium resolution (this explained a lot).

Then my real life phone rang.  The cellphone in my pocket rang – and I looked at it with dread. No one calls you with good news at 7am. No one. It was Cajsa and I knew why she was calling.

You probably know it too, our friend Giulia, SL’s Squinternet Larnia had died. Cajsa was calling me to let me know, so that I didn’t read it on the internet that a friend had died. Continue reading

The One Where I Ride a Very Surprised Horse

Well, it said if I joined the group I got a free horse. I was probably wrong to presume it would be as nice as the horses other people were riding. But, I was whisked back to 2008 with this beauty.

Also my world became lag hell while riding her, and had to abandon.

I wasn’t really dressed to ride though, actually. So it’s just as well. Continue reading

Who Are You In Other Worlds?

I got to wondering, over my breakfast, what my SL friends are like in their other worlds? I don’t play a LOT of video games, but I do play World of Warcraft and I’ve created a cast of characters that, despite the lack of customization in that world, all have a BIT of Gidginess to them. I thought I’d show you mine, and hope that maybe for fun, you’d show me yours. Continue reading

Prepping for Love Donna Flora and Sunday Dinner

I started out my Sunday perfectly, in a beautiful vineyard with a winding country road. Every few meters a cart or tent awaits a creator to come fill it with it’s goodies for the upcoming LOVE DONNA FLORA event.

I drug my heavy boxes and pose stand down the path until I got to my tent and got set up before the morning sun made me too hot.

I did end up stopping in the courtyard at the center of the build at the event, just to enjoy the scenery and have a cool drink.  It was about that time that I realized, I hadn’t SHOPPED ALL DAY!

I decided to rectify this immediately. Continue reading

The Truth About Mornings

I wasn’t sure how to start my day after I’d taken the time to get dressed and do my nails. I knew I wanted breakfast but couldn’t decide on what I was willing to bother making.  I’m lazy in both worlds and I’m afraid we both skip breakfast more than we should.

Pixel Gidge decided that cake is breakfast too. It also gives me a chance to show you her new dining room set. Ria Bazar released the Toronto dining set and it’s larger than my old set which, although I loved it, was what I wanted. My linden house seems to be proportioned for back when furniture WAS so much larger and I always feel like huge portions of it are empty. It was about 500 lindens for the whole set, table rug, cabinet, lamp etc – so a STEAL. Continue reading

Government Housing Redux: Spruced up for Summer

I’ve spent the past few months making my government housing abode comfortable and in keeping with my need for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. I like where I’ve landed, at least for a minute or two. I’m always on the lookout though, for that amazing low impact item that I just MUST HAVE. 117 prims is not a lot to work with. Thank the Lindens for Mesh.

So then, let’s come inside.

I did add walls to my Linden home. My bedroom is directly off the entry way. I’ve spent a long time picking up the 1 Land impact items to tweak this room I’m pretty happy with it. Continue reading