Gidge’s Fast Five: The D Day Edition

GidgeFast Five Well it’s the anniversary of D-Day. It’s not a big fashion event but I thought I’d mention it as it was rather important so give it a tip of the hat at least. And now, some completely not military nor WW2 themed posts that I enjoyed today.

1. Under My Umbrella: A celebration of color and looking back at May’s Collabor88 which is getting ready to close. You need to run fast if you want to get any of the goodies and this post was a great reminder of what is going to be gone soon soon soon soon.

2.Caged Bird: Khitten Kurka brings the curvy avatar to us in a sexy way. She’s one of my favorite curvy bloggers and always presents crisp clear photos and inspires shopping. Her styling in these photos is concise and relevant. Nicely done.

3. Season For Sundresses: My friend Sylvia always presents such nice shots of her fashion finds. I especially love her second photo in this one, bringing her avatar’s freckles front and center. She’s also showing off a gorgeous necklace from CAE – one of my favorite jewelers.

4. Amelia and Oscar:  This photo reminds me of the movie Orlando. I don’t know why. But it does.

5. My Friend Thinks I’m A Whore: I burst out laughing. Then I laughed harder when I saw it was Lizzie. What a riot.


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One thought on “Gidge’s Fast Five: The D Day Edition

  1. Khitt

    Thank you so much for your kind comments! I have long admired your blog– always a good read and a nice mix of styling, information, and light humor. Big hugs for sharing my little corner of SL fashion with your readers. ~ Khitten Kurka

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