Gidge’s Fast Five July 4 Early AM Edition

GidgeFast Five My Fast Fives nearly always begin with me ego surfing IheartSL for my own poses being blogged. Yes. I actually do that. I can’t help it, I’m an egomaniac but also, I love to see the creativity and how people use the little poses I make. And because I was ego-surfing I found some good things that it’s a moral imperative that I share with you today.

1. Cold Frog and I – Dido Haas took freebies from an art exhibit, hung items and a new release or two and made art. I love these pics.

2. Summer Breeze: Evion Ember took the time to make a Bandana for Bandana Day at Hair Fair 2013 and blogs about how rewarding the experience was and how she chose the texture for her bandana. It’s lovely.

3. Bazar @ The Home Show:  Sylvia Olivier does a great job of highlighting gorgeous releases from the HOME SHOW by showing off her friend Caelan’s skybox. It’s well appointed and comfortable, and really does a great job of showing off her style. Beautiful shots.

4. PURE SYN : Chic Aeon brings us a high tech spin on the age old story.

5. Game of Thrones At Work: I am tossing this one to Elle because she is wearing a fanny pack and doesn’t mean it ironically. That’s everything.

That’s it for me. Happy 4th of July beautiful ones!

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