Gidge’s Fast Five: May 10th Friday Night Is Alright Edition

GidgeFast Five Well it’s Friday Night and if you didn’t already do your FLF shopping shame on you the clock is ticking. But if you’re done, I’ve got some other good things to show you before you head out to dance the night away or whatever it is your digital world holds.


1. Last Chance: Wedding Season is upon us in both worlds. I thought the little purse was a lovely touch. I used to wear wedding dresses to combat role play sims. True story. I wonder why I’ve always struggled with role play?

2. Jewelry and Nail Polish: In the category of THESE ARE EVERYTHING are new rings and polish from STELLAR. Lexi Morgan always gets props from me for being a creator who bothers to blog her new releases. Great release Lexi, everything is lovely.

3. Daydream: Morgan Kincess perfectly captures a black and white celluloid mood with this snapshot. I expect her avatar has a gangster boyfriend with a heart of gold.

4. Second Spaces – Likes the Sushi: Home and furniture blogs rule my world (rather than women like Prince’s world) right after girly fashion ones. Second Spaces routinely produces great shots with decorating ideas as well as featuring new releases. If you don’t watch this blog, you should.

5. Home Sweet Home: Keely Mistwood has done a great job of presenting us with a lovely home, and even though she forgot to turn off the porn before she invited us in, it’s still a charming place. Well planned and inviting, I kind of want everything in these pics, which is the idea, no?


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