Gidge’s Fast Five: Mostly Nepotism Edition 6.25.13

GidgeFast Five

Today I’m highlighting posts from some of my favorite folks on the grid, as well as a something that I spotted that looks kinda cool.

Let’s take a look…

1. It’s a Beautiful Day: Whimsy puts together a great look featuring fun from My Attic and other goodies. It’s an adorable girly look so you know, I’d have loved it if it wasn’t Whimsy anyway.

2.The Sum of Our Parts: You’re always bitching that you never leave your platform and never get to go do anything. Here. This looks cool. GO DO THIS TOMORROW!

3. Elysium Hynes has pinned The Poser Pavilion, and event thrown by some folks I know. If you like poses you should check it out.  There is some cute summer stuff out there at this event.

4. Fudge: Funny true fact. I never recognize Sasy. She has a distinctive style and sense of classy taste but she’s such a chameleon shifting from look to look, that I am often surprised when I see something and think man that’s nicely done, oh duh it’s Sasy.

5.The Ultimate Nepotism Spot goes to Isla : Because while she was participating in the latest round of memes – this one – the DIGITS challenge – she also managed to perfect the ducklips of selfies, on her avatar. Now – just stick your butt out and you’ve got it!

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