Gidge’s Fast Five 5.23.13: Posts You Need To See Before You Die

GidgeFast Five Ok ok I’m being a bit extreme. But I do like what I found this morning. I actually had a theme in mind and as ALWAYS when I have a theme it goes straight to hell and then I don’t get it done but serendipity shines down on me and I find other things.

1. Come on lets GO: I have an intense need to HAVE a summer this summer and this photo looks like everything I want to do. Now if only I could get into that bikini.

2.While My Guitar … I love the styling although I confess at first I thought you were topless young lady. The shoot has a great vibrancy and use of yellow to convey summer and warmth.

3. 131: This is one of these great shots that is everything I always want to do but then get silly and don’t do. I can’t be serious long enough to carry off something this complete and flawless.

4. The Disney Bound Challenge: I have no idea what the Disney Bound Challenge is. I can’t be bothered to look it up. BUT, this blogger has presented her look in a great classic and concise editorial style that completely caught my eye. The second photo of her stretching really made me smile, it’s an avatar in motion shot that seems to breathe life into her pixels and that always impresses me. I also really enjoy the way she features each item she is wearing at the end so you can see them. Nicely done.

5. Fancy Feet: I have one hell of a time matching my pasty skin to anything, and generally, I shy away from any reason to do it. Khitten has the opposite problem, as a black avatar, she has to compensate for darker tones that when I saw this post I realized OMG I bet that’s hard to match too. She offers great advice on how she makes her feet flawless and beautiful.

That’s it for today lovelies.

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