Shaking My Tail @ Woodland Creatures Party

What do you do when you are directed to dress as a woodland creature for a party and still want to look hawt? I don’t mean cute, cuddly, adorable. I mean hawt. Well, my answer was Titania’s Court and their marvelous faun costume.

Now, I did not use the faun shape that comes with the outfit. I wanted to look hawt and the shape is cute, not hawt. The rest of the outfit, though, makes for a winner. You can dance in the altered feet without looking the least bit silly.  I always do a test dance or two before going to a party to make sure the outfit is dance-safe. This outfit is not just dance-safe, it’s dance-worthy. Yup, you look hawt dancing in pony gear.

Now the outfit presumes you’re not a pixel prude and comes with no top. So, to keep the hawtness and my comfort level, I added a lovely bra from Earth and Sky.  Also, it came down to a choice between ears and earrings. Girly-girl me went with earrings, but ears are hawt too.

And just so you know, this hawt little tail shakes itself. YEs, it comes with a tail-shaking script! The better for dancing, my dear.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******
Skin: Tuli Elizabeth Electra
Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
Lashes:CyberNetic L3B1
Hair: Bishwear Toss Me Around
Bra: Earth & Sky Tobacco
Jewelry: Genesis Santa Fe Necklace, Jewelry Mhajik Druid Leaf Earrings and Pendant
Titania’s Court Faun AV Autumn Red (not shape)

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