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posted by Gidge Uriza

A relaxed weekend in the mountains (which is where I’ve been) called for something casual and fun. It’s still hot hot hot hot hot here, so even being in the mountains doesn’t provide cool breezes for relief at night. Kunglers PARADISE outfit is so bright and cheery, yet stylishly casual, I couldn’t resist it.

I don’t wear many “tank” tops and as I’ve said I don’t really wear Tshirts so finding casual pieces to wear that I like to wear always makes me happy.  I’ve struggled with SOME prim babydoll top attachments recently – they attach strangely, they move oddly, they’re just over-all wonky. This one seems to be big enough  that I could make a very slight adjustment and it didn’t hang bizarrely into my butt with my AO on (which as you can imaagine, makes a difference).

It’s a great example of a designer understanding that things like babydoll prim tops HAVE to be adjustable….all of our AOs stand differently, we’re shaped differentely etc. If it were’t adjustable, I’d have deleted it and worn the jeans with something else frankly.

With the paradise print on the top, it gave me a great exucse to break out some jewelry from my favorite Jeweler – Petal Meg.  A single petal from a Sunset Rose worn around the neck is a lovely addition to this relaxed look.

Click Here to see the rest of the shoot in Kunglers Paradise Outfit.

Fashion Details

Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Peppermint Blue Hot Orange Skin
Hair – Laqroki Priss in Sunkissed
Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY
Shirt and Jeans – Paradise by Kunglers
Shoes – Tesla – Elise in Mango
Necklace – Sunset Rose by Petal Meg
Nails – Adam n Eve – Coffee Bean

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