Cha Cha Cha Cuba

Cuba, cuba here I come 
There’s a place in the caribbean sun 
Land of future 
Land of dreams 
Checking for the coast … Ace of Base

Getting dressed last night, i started with the gorgeous Serina Dress in purple from Digit Darkes, but you know I love to deconstruct my outfits, so I took off the top which is the same color as the base of the skirt and pulled out a purple two-layer top from Pixel Dolls to pick up two of the colors in the richly adorned bottom tier of the skirt. It looked lovely, but I wanted a little more heat so I added a burgundy sash from Persona’s indispensable sash fatpack. Have you gotten your own fatpack yet? What are you waiting for?

I so love Emvee Cuba. The rich textures and beautiful atmosphere have made it one of my favorite sims and as soon as I put this outfit on, I hopped the next flight on TP Air to Cuba. This photo gives you a better view of the luscious tiered skirt and here you can see the shoes. Now sometime a few months ago, Aphrodite Outlander must have had one of those psychic moments and set to work making the perfect shoes for this look because the sides are the perfect purple and toes are the perfect red. That cannot be coincidental, can it? 

And how lucky am I that Lucas Lameth of EarthTones just released this Ambrosia disk earrings and necklace – a free gift for visiting his store at Joan & Celistia. Its colors are a perfect combination of the rose and purple skirt and the burgundy sash. So how did he know I was going to wear this? To complete my lucky day, Bishwear released this hair as a free gift and you have no idea….

I saw this hair awhile back on a blog, a teaser that informed the reader that the hair was not yet available. So I pouted and moved on. Then, yesterday, I saw it in a great post at Ewing Fashion Agency’s blog and if I were a bird dog, I would have been on point from that moment on. I left a comment begging for info, i signed on and IM’ed one of their staff who tried to help but didn’t know. I IM’ed the blogger who was not online.  I went to hair stores across the grid. Yes, I was a bird dog for hair.

So imagine my delight when I opened my email this morning with a note from Gidge saying, “I found your hair!!!” How long did it take me to sign on and get to Bishwear?  mmmm, a minute at most.

More photos are available on my Flickr.

  • meilli2 shape by hatchy mills
  • Blowpop Mellie3 Caramel Diamond Girl brunette
  • IC-Eyes soulful hazel
  • Bishwear Toss me around auburn
  • Digit Darkes Serina Dress Skirt Purple
  • Pixel Dolls Wraith Top Violet
  • AC Vintish Art Purple Red Pumps
  • Persona Helena Sash burgundy
  • EarthTones Ambrosia Disk Earrings and Necklace Celistia

4 thoughts on “Cha Cha Cha Cuba

  1. Gidge Uriza

    I KNEW that was the hair, the second I saw it. I can’t remember how to retrieve my voice mail, but I remember what hair fashions Cajsa is looking for…….

  2. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    Yes! it’s the hair, Connie, and thank you for getting back to help. Thanks Harper, perhaps Bishwear will put fire extinguishers in the folder with their hair, lol.

    And thanks a million, Gidge, for your top notch hair-dogging.

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