Gidge's Love List:Stuff For Your Legs

I have decided to break my own boredom and start doing occasional single item posts, rather than full outfits, as the mood strikes me.
I’m going to break these into Love Lists of three items in a specific category.
They’ll be items that strike my fancy at whatever moment in time I decide to shoot, within whatever category I decide to make sweet love to at that time. Review items or items that I bought, makes no difference, the only thing that matters is – I do love them. 🙂
Today’s Love List is…..Stuff for you legs.
I’m starting off with panty hose YES REAL PANTY HOSE from Shop Toshy.

Shop Toshy rocks my freaking socks in the realm of real traditional panty hose and as you can see she’s got festive design hose as well. Third floor is new releases, second floor is older items which are discounted.
I’ve been shopping there since it was an itty bitty shop. LOVE Toshy. No lie.

Next up, Nubby Ribbed socks from THE STRAND and I just happened to be shooting this when these appeared. They come in a huge rainbow of colors. Plus they also come in over the knee length too! Remember when you couldn’t hardly even GET socks?You just had to make your own damn socks. And they weren’t cute.
Back in my day, we MADE OUR OWN SOCKS I TELL YOU.

Also making the list today are the ribbed tights from MIAO. It’s WINTER you NEED RIBBED TIGHTS.

No really you do. And these come in a awesome assortment of colors.

So Where to Get Them?

Panty Hose – SHOP TOSHY


Ribbed Tights – MIAO

One thought on “Gidge's Love List:Stuff For Your Legs

  1. kesseret

    Man back in the day it was hard to get hose and socks! Thank Goodness we don’t have to make them anymore!!!!

    Thanks for loving the tights!

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