Don't Go Into The Dark

Or is it don’t go into the light? I can never remember which it is. Because if you go into the dark there are likely to be some sort of demons or zombies or zombie-demons waiting. But if you go into the light, then some sort of Mormon Quaker Oats man tries to eat  your soul.

At least, this is what I gleaned from Poltergeist 2.

Well I’ve failed on both counts, because this is the dark and behind me is a light house so I’m in the dark going toward the light and the way I figure it, this won’t end up well.

Alright then, enough artsy pics. What am I wearing?

A cute little FALL IS COMING sort of dress from rezIspa Loc.

And a closeup of the cute accessories for funz.

Much that is cute and purple today!

Dress: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Flower Print Dress, Fall
Shoes -*GField* Flat Shoes “Little Diva” Base
Nails : Adam n Eve Jamila Manicure Cinnamon
Eyelashes : Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 1
Lipstick-Belleza- Erika Pale lips 6
Ring:=^^= MIAO Frances Statement Ring (RH)
Hair: >TRUTH< Cady – champagne
Shape Savoir Faire Gidge ~Skirt Shape~ )
Skin: Belleza- Erika – Pale 11
Poses – STaTUS
Taken at Truth District (177, 165, 26)

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