Jewelry Newness from Dark Mouse…. YaY!

Spring has sprung and we are ready for newness right?   Well, then, hop on over to Dark Mouse and pick up some of her newest releases.

First… Aisling… a beautiful filigreed necklace and earrings set in copper, silver or gold.

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Next we have Anzac… a little more dressy with the pearl choker… also in gold, copper and silver.

A little more whimsical and flirty and casual is the Cream Pearl Flower necklace and earrings… toss it on with your favorite jeans.

A little on the whimsical side, but also can be worn as a retro piece is the Spring Fling….

Lastly… and my personal favorite…. Steeplechase Pearl Earring and Necklace.  I love the simple wrapped pearl… also available in Copper, Silver or Gold.

All pieces are from Dark Mouse.

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