There Was A Girl Named Isabella

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My mother went to college with a girl named Isabella whose exploits were always retold with relish and laughter, when she and her friends gathered. There was the time Isabella broke up with her fiancee and threw his two carat diamond ring back in his face. There was the time Isabella almost married a real prince. There was the tragedy of the time her true love died in Vietnam, and well she was never the same.

Isabella was elegance, she was adventure. She hiked in Peru. She went to Tibet. Isabella married and remarried and remarried again.
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Isabella once owned a Mercedes Benz the same pale yellow as her hair color. Her nails and lips always matched. Her shoes and bag always matched. She always wore heels. She never, allegedly, wore sneakers. In my mind, as a child, she hiked through Peru in heels.

Sometimes I'm Fabulous

By the time the real Isabella, vs the one of legend, breezed back to the land of her birth and upbringing, she was in her 30s. I was prepared for this whirlwind of elegance and adventure. The woman who arrived was haggard, worn, and reminded me more of Lola at the END of the Copacabana – vs this woman of legend and timeless beauty the other ladies always raved about.

But you could see, as she talked, and drank liquor straight from the flask, THAT girl was still in there. Melted and eroded by age and hard living, she was hard to spot. But the twinkle of her eye, and her still flawless lips and nails told me, she was there.

When she left, I could see, that my mother’s friends hadn’t noticed. She was still the amazing 20 year old beauty of their memory. That’s probably the best gift they could’ve given her.

Isabella, is a new skin from Adam and Eve and will be released at the upcoming SKIN FAIR. She comes with lots of options, more cleavage, less cleavage, freckles, dimples, eyebrows, a donkey to pull your cart (ok kidding about that one).  Be sure to demo and check her out.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

                     ~ Keats

Gidge is Wearing:
Lingerie: Seldom Blue – Amelia-
Manicure: Adam n Eve Laurel Manicure Devil Red
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 5
Eyebrows: AE Isabella Eyebrow Tattoo Blonde T2
Earrings: (Donna Flora) PANDA earring dark
Hair: ::Exile:: Loveshack:Vanilla
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: Adam Eve Skins – Isabella T2 Scarlet – SKIN FAIR PREVIEW
Eyes: Poetic Colors -classic – coral reef (m) bright

Shot on Location at my Linden Home
Bookcase : Trompe Loeil
Dresser: Scarlet Apple – The Arcade Gatcha

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  1. sachi Vixen

    I love your story about your mom’s Isabella, she sounds like a very exciting person! My Isabella is my best friend’s eldest daughter. She is elegant and beautiful and very very smart.

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