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Good Morning

Good morning! Today I’m excited because besides getting ready for Thanksgiving, BAIASTICE has released new lingerie. ZOINKS!

Ok I turned into Scooby Doo for a moment sorry.

This lingerie comes in a ton of colors as well as style options. Want sheer cups? Want solid cups? WANT NO CUPS?

Check it all out below the cut. Continue reading

Where There Is Great Love, There Are Always Wishes

I’m one of the lucky ones, loved, beloved and full of love in return for the one in my life who keeps me going. I had a friend once, when I was a single girl, who used to say “I don’t know why you girls don’t just find one person to love and stop dating all these boys.”

As though it were that simple, to find the one.  Continue reading

See Anything You Like?New Lingerie From Baiastice

It was like a sick,cruel joke, that I saw in my offlines the notice about a lingerie release from Baiastice as I lay with fever and chills and other unpleasantries for the last two days. As soon as I could crawl out of the RL and into my grid-world, I had to immediately slip into the gorgeous new releases from Sissy Pessoa.
I couldn’t decide which to blog, so I decided to blog them all.

Short of latex with devil horns and spikes, I’d say it’s possible that Sissy has released something for every lingerie enthusiasts tastes from modern to vintage inspired looks. Continue reading


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I couldn’t decide what to wear this morning, so decided that I’ve got new undies that haven’t been properly flaunted about by me yet.

There is probably some irony in the fact that I’m addicted to lingerie, but only have you guys to show it to. My husband just isn’t as interested in my pixel lingerie as you might imagine. Continue reading