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I couldn’t decide what to wear this morning, so decided that I’ve got new undies that haven’t been properly flaunted about by me yet.

There is probably some irony in the fact that I’m addicted to lingerie, but only have you guys to show it to. My husband just isn’t as interested in my pixel lingerie as you might imagine.

Anyway, I kind of have a secret fetish – I like lingerie that looks like something you might actually wear. FUNCTIONAL but beautiful. A merri-widow is festive but I’m not wearing it out – but gorgeous lingerie that I’d actually wear is to me, like a secret under my clothes.

Thus the Olaenka lingerie from Luxuria absolutely tweeked that lust in me the second I saw it.

GOD My Ass Looks Good In This. So THATS Why He Loves ME!

Until very recently, I fastidiously dressed from underwear out everytime I dressed on the grid. It was rather nice…I don’t know why but it make me happy to dress completely,even though glitch pants would usually end up covering up my beautiful panties.

NO GLITCH PANTS ARE NOT SOME BDSM RITUAL….you know who you are. I’m talking to you.

Now, my RL demands I put on more clothes before I head out into the wilds of Atlanta.

Everyone have a gorgeous day!

Style Notes:

  • Skin – PXL Creations – Candy – Sunkissed Tone – Eclectic
  • Hair – Exile – Crissy 2 – Ash
  • Lingerie- Luxuria – Olaenka
  • Manicure – Adam N Eve
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Field
  • Lashes – Exile – Overdrive Lashes
  • Poses – GESTICULATE!

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