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Second Lives and Second Chances


The Naiades dress from [sYs] is all about the side boob. At least it promises side boobery, but if you wear the right size, it’s a promise unfulfilled.

Organizing Fashion for Life has been a challenge and an inspiration. Some of that inspiration has come from the extraordinary generosity of the builders and creators whose contributions make Fashion For Life possible. Another source of inspiration are the many bloggers who have been working hard to make sure you know about Fashion For Life. If you read any fashion feed, you know about Fashion For Life from their hundreds of posts. Continue reading

San Antonio Rose


Deep within my heart
Lies a melody,
A song of old San Antone,
Where in dreams I live
With a memory,
Beneath the stars all alone.

When I put on the  Auffaellige Rosen  dress from Schoën I immediately think of my great-aunt. She sang the background vocals to that song with Tex Ritter at the Grand Ol’ Opry and it was one of many songs I enjoyed listening to her sing. She was what is commonly called “a pistol”  – a woman who lived life to the fullest from the day she was born to the day she died and that was a long time. Born in the 19th century she lived to enjoy the 21st century’s arrival and promise. From horse and buggy to manned space flight in her life time. She buried three husbands during that lifetime – oddly enough while they all had different names, their names were homophones. So while she changed the spelling, she never changed the pronunciation. She was 92 when she married her 3rd husband, a youngster in his 80s.  Continue reading

Remembering Squinternet


I probably would not be organizing Fashion For Life if it were not for Squinternet. It was in an effort to get funds for her treatment and nursing that I organized Love Donna Flora which probably is why folks looking for an organizer this year thought of me. A lot of the time when I am working on this and feeling frustrated, I think of her and take a deep breath and carry on. She would want me to because she loved Fashion For Life.

OK, Squint loved Fashion. She went to the runway shows and participated in the events because she loved them. But Fashion For Life was special to her – even more so when she got cancer. She also loved Second Life finding support and sustenance through her hard times. She charged a small group of her friends with the task of taking care of her store, keeping it open and keeping her alive in this pixel world.

Monica Outlander is one of Squinternet’s dearest friends. In an act of extraordinary generosity, she put aside her own work during Squint’s final month and acted as her hands so some of those wonderfully imaginative designs that were tucked inside Squint’s lively brain could be realized in out world. For Fashion For Life, she has created new exclusive versions and will release them only at Fashion For Life – at 100% donation. She will also reprise her gown for Love Donna Flora – an exclusive that will only be at Fashion For Life.


But in preparing for Fashion For Life a treasure was found. Monica suggested that some of Squint’s recent jewelry be sold at 100% donation at Fashion For Life. While searching for the folders to pack into the vendors, more copies were found with different colors of stones – not quite finished but all the prims and textures were complete. A little bit of effort to finish them up and three new, previously unreleased jewelry sets were finished. All the prims and textures are from Squinternet, the only assistance was placing some textures on the few prims that had not been completed.
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