Calling all Goths

Helena Stringer - IOF - Calling all Goths - 1

Hi, I am Helena, your Conductor for this evening. You don’t have a ticket? That is fine, we are handing out free tickets for the Ghost Train, with safe passage to the fairgrounds.

Grab your free Ticket and head on to the Fairgrounds now!

World Goth Fair has been going on strong in Second Life for a good while now. If you want to find out more information, you can check out the Official Site HERE.

World Goth Fair is not only about fashion, but has a very heavy music aspect. Please keep posted to the site, for the musical lineup during the duration of the event.

Helena Stringer - IOF - Calling all Goths - 2

Fantasy Gacha Carnival also has a lot of Goth items this round, as it was one of the 5 selected themes. The items are nicely interchangeable for both events, so it is worth it to visit here as well.

TP to Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Now on with the FASHION!

Credits – You can find Store Links HERE or by Ingame Search

 Hairbase – Adoness – Shaved Swirls in Black
Skin – The Stringer Mausoleum – Luna Amour Skin in Moonlight Tone/6 Makeup – *NEW* Common Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Eyes – Mayfly – Luminous Eyes in Crystal
Lashes – Redgrave – Eyelash 41
Makeup 1(Lipstick) – #adored – Vinyl Gloss Lips in Asteroid
Makeup 2(Lip Gloss 1) – [B][S] – Gloss 0.1 – FREE
Makeup 3(Lip Gloss 2) – [B][S] – Glisten Lip Gloss – CHEAP
Hands – Slink – Casual Pose
Nail Appliers – By Snow – Fashionable Black Polish
Outfit – Dark Water Designs – Mad World Outfit in Teal – *NEW* @ World Goth Fair
Kneehighs – INSANYA – Stockings and Short Socks in Black
Hat – Impish – Domina Hat
Earrings – Jangka – Sangharta Earrings in Silver – *NEW* Ultra Rare Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Handbag – Velvet Whip – Dark Lady Handbag V5 – *NEW* Common Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Shoulder Cat – Axix – Shi-Mae Cat Black – *NEW* Common Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Poses by Black Tulip – *NEW* @ World Goth Fair

***NOTE*** I have added links to all the items I purchased on SL Marketplace, for ease of finding them.

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