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Lingerie with Seven Laces

I came to the hobby of lace-making through default. It was one of the few handcrafts my irritatingly over-skilled sister had not already tackled and conquered and wrote the book to tell the tale. I will never write any books about my own handiwork, but they are coveted as presents – especially as I can only complete a few projects a year. Still, it has created a deep love of lace and the craft of lace-making. 

That is why this lovely lingerie from Carnal caught my eye immediately. The crisp contrast between the black and the white, the many layers of lace, the almost tuxedo like neatness of the lines combine to make it an attention-grabbing set of lingerie. However, since so much lingerie is difficult to wear under clothing, I can resist a lot of great lingerie. What made this irresistible was the combination of laces, almost a Whitman’s Sampler of lace. Continue reading

Carnal Delights in Real Life and Second Life®

When I want to feel sexy I first reach for my lingerie drawer because no matter what I am wearing, if my lingerie is beautiful and flattering, I feel sexy from the inside out. I want to feel the soft, delicate silk against my skin. It doesn’t matter who else sees it, I know it’s there and it makes me feel good. I came across a marvelous lingerie store today that cracked my no-spending-today resolve in a heartbeat. It’s called Carnal and it’s doubly dangerous because not only is it a store in SL, but it’s also a store in RL. Yes, if you love those panties, you can have them in both worlds. Uh-oh!  

There are many more photos on Flickr. More info, style notes and a closer look at the lingerie after the cut. Note: depending on your circumstances, these may not be work-safe as the bra is sheer enough to be transparent.  Continue reading