Patriotica – Part One

Live From the CNN Center in Atlanta!
My fellow Americans, and Ameriphiles,
The 4th of July weekend is almost upon us.
In RL this means barbecues, family picnics, parties, cookouts, trips to the beach and the omnipresent fireworks displays.
IN SL this means all of the above – plus the REQUISITE fashion adjustments for the old Red White and Blue.
Holidays are a fun time when many clubs and other establishments run GREAT contest for holiday costumes etc. I decided to wave my patriotic pride in the form of showing you some of my favorite red white and blue ensembles this week.
That’s right. For the rest of this week I’ll be sporting ONLY the red white and blue baby!

If it’s a special holiday ensemble, I’ll endeavor to include the slurl so you can dash off and pick it up of you are a contest participator junkie!

Happy Independence Day USA!

Fashion Details
Shape 190 CM Peppermint Blue
Skin – Hot Orange Peppermint Blue
Eyes – FNKY Purple Rain
Hair – Diversity Hair – Kacena Ginger Ged
Dress – BINGO – Summer Girl Navy
Shoes- SKG Dark Blue Peep Toe Pumps
Nails – Coffee bean by AE

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