Can't Learn Nothin' In School They Don't Teach On The Streets…

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When I got the new releases at A-BOMB today I have to admit, the thing that made me SQUEEEEEEEEE was totally the bowling bag purse. I’m serious, how many things can I make this match? I love quirky accessories and even though I might not wear a rockabilly look on a regular basis, I was instantly so in love with the purse that I had to style the rest of the releases with it on the spot.

Released at the same time is the Starry Starry Night dress (go Van Gogh reference) – available in an array of colors for the top – but I had to match my purse doncha know?

The entire color scheme looks like candy to me. Now I’m hungry.

This is just one of a few styles of hair I picked up at KMH as Cajsa mentioned, they’ve got a really cute offering of hair that I wasn’t aware of. When I was having Hair Therapy the other night this is just one of the styles I picked up. I had put this one under “I dunno what I am gonna do with it, but /DOWANT.”

I figured out what to do with it!

Vital Goth Skin from 42 is Avail on XStreet

Style Notes:

**Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – [42] Vital Goth 01 – Avail HERE on Xstreet R
  • Hair – KMH – Hair 9 – Blonde
  • Dress – A-BOMB- Starry Starry Night R
  • Socks – Blue Blood – Kitten Socks R
  • Boots – A-BOMB- Ingrid Ankle Boots (color change feature included) R
  • Purse – A-BOMB – Bowling Bag Purse R

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