Rhodesy's Purple is A-Bomb

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Rhodesy is famed for her beautiful purple tresses. When I saw this delicious Purple MELT THE GUNS ensemble from A-Bomb I simply had to bring out some purple hair as an homage to Rho. No one wears purple hair with the style and grace she does, those some of us try.

Who You Lookin At?

Who You Lookin' At?

I love the shoes as well from A-Bomb although they are identified as pink, I think I say purple. Or Purplish.

And this obviously gave me the excuse I needed to pick up this insanely gem studded belt from Digit Darkes. I’ve just been waiting for a reason. 

This skin was a limited edition at Juicy by SinDecade and came with several sets of these amazing eyes with butterflies as the pupil.  I’m also wearing the lip piercing which was a Hunt Gift from the VIP hunt from 42…….which can only mean one thing……my next post has to be 42……Doesn’t it?

I Believe It Does….

Style Notes

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – SinDecade – Limited Edition skin
  • Eyes – SinDecade – Butterfly 3
  • Hair – ETD – Phoebe Purple
  • Pants and Top – A-Bomb – Melt the Guns
  • Shoes – A-Bomb – Ivey – Pink
  • Jewelry – Yak N Yeti – Bollywood
  • Lip Piercing –  42 – VIP Hunt Gift
  • Belt – Digit Darkes – Belt – Plum

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  1. Rhodesy Durant

    Hahahaha… Why… thank you for the homage. What’s truly frightening to me is that I took one look at the picture and knew the designer, model, and color of hair you were wearing. **whistles innocently about the massive quantities of purple hair she owns, much of it from ETD**

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