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I Can't Brain, I Has The Dumb

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is nothing that my Gidge clogs from A-Bomb do not go with. Ok that is an exaggeration BUT – I LOVE the patent version, and didn’t even know I liked GREEN patent until I color changed them to go with the Tee – but yes.  I DO love green patent.

I had to go opposite of Cajsa as she was too glamorous today, so I’ve gone casual and comfy in this fun tee from DREAMS and the cuffed jeans from flavor designs. Continue reading


posted by Gidge Uriza

I told a friend the other night that I’ve been shooting like crazy lately, and not posting. I’m not sure why. I’m sort of randomly wandering and shooting and styling outfits and then I have very little to SAY so I’m struggling to blog.

I think I’ve got post-partum brain cramp. Continue reading

In Dreams

posted by Gidge Uriza

So you may not know this, but I never delete anything. If you’ve sent it to me, I’ve got it (unless you sent it via subscribo or deliverator and I was capped).

Ok that is a partial lie, I did delete my Okina prim vajayjay that a mommyblogger friend bought me on like day two on The Grid. It was hideous, freaky, and despite being good for gags like making it pee in the middle of rooms suddenly, I really didn’t need it. (ok sometimes that might be fun to have back – /me considers all the places I could suddenly pee on the floor).  I also on occasion delete things which are too hideous to contemplate further,but this is rare.

But I digress………..

This is valid information because it’s how I arived at today’s outfit. Digging through my inventory going “Hmmm, what haven’t I worn?” I found a box from DREAMS – from my friend Sanura Snowpaw. I pulled it out and tried on everything and ended up leaving on the corset top and the collar……I was gonna be  a neko girl for fun but then I found this cart item at the photo studio and it didn’t work. Mebbe next time! Continue reading

Rhodesy's Purple is A-Bomb

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Rhodesy is famed for her beautiful purple tresses. When I saw this delicious Purple MELT THE GUNS ensemble from A-Bomb I simply had to bring out some purple hair as an homage to Rho. No one wears purple hair with the style and grace she does, those some of us try. Continue reading