What a Girl Wants…..

It was with a lot of excitement that I unpacked the MELISSA release from Belleza. The previous release, ERIKA, had just suited my shape so much that I couldn’t wait to see what Tricky had made next. Melissa didn’t disappoint me at all – it’s a beautiful face with a soft feminine body. Once again, I’m in love.
I’m trying out the sunkissed tone, which is one of the few sunkissed tones I’ve ever been able to comfortably wear. I’m normally a pale girl. But Tricky makes a gorgeous sunkissed that even the most die-hard fair girls should try.

Tricky is offering a great range of base skin makeups – which I’m showing here without any tattoo layers except lashes.

There are skins with glamorous evening makeups and softer every day makeups as well. Plus, Tricky has several lipstick options for changing up your look.
Below are the lipstick options all worn over the same skin. It’s amazing what just changing your lipstick can do to really stretch the versatility of a skin.
I also love when the skinners actually make their own tattoo layer makeups. Too many lipsticks I’ve seen out there look like crazy wax lips. Tricky’s are flawless.

I want everyone of these lipsticks in RL.

Who doesn’t love SKIN FAIR?!?!?!

Your Shopping List:

It’s short today –

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin – BELLEZA – Melissa – Sunkissed Tone – Skin Fair Release – including lipsticks
  • Hair – Truth – Adele – Streaked Swedish
  • Lashes – Amacci – Tattoo Layer Lashes
  • Lingerie – From 5th & Oxford – Cajsa  in Sapphire – sadly no longer available.  It might be available on Marketplace eventually.

4 thoughts on “What a Girl Wants…..

  1. Laila

    Hey Gidge..Love, Love Love the new Melissa skin to!
    I have a question for you. I wear the amacci tattoo eyelashes as well, problem is when I click to add the lipstick (which I love to) there is no add. Not sure how to get the lipstick tattoo on when I am wearing the eyelash tattoo. How does yours work?
    Thank you! xox

  2. Gidge Uriza Post author

    What viewer are you using? I use the LINDEN viewer 2 for multiple tattoo layers – the Phoenix viewer, which is my viewer of choice, doesn’t have the multiple tattoo layer options yet sadly. So when I shoot all these makeup layers I end up biting the bullet and logging in to use viewer 2.

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