The Dress Me Up Challenge


Okay, this could be interesting and fun, so here goes. Here I am in my long johns (baby, it’s cold outside) and now the rest is up to you.

Achariya’s Challenge Rules:
1. Post a picture of yourself in your underpants.
2. In this post, invite your readers to suggest a particular outfit (or jewelry, shoes, skin, etc.) from a designer for you to purchase and write about.
3. In the next few weeks, look back over the suggestion list and incorporate these ideas into your regular blogging, marking these entries with the tag “dress me up.” Post in as many or few suggestions as you want. It’s up to the blogger’s discretion to pick which items to wear, so no complaining if they don’t pick your idea.

10 thoughts on “The Dress Me Up Challenge

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  2. Candy Flanagan

    I just love redheads. I love redheads even more when they wear pink! Try raiding Honey Kitty or Momo for a super girly look, completed by hair from Gritty Kitty and accessories from Violet Voltaire. 😀

  3. TearSong Vaughan

    May I suggest the mellow skirt and winterproof sweater from Rebel Xtravaganza? 🙂 You can pick which color 😉 Maybe combined with a pair of funky leggings and large boots.

  4. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    I have got to thank TearSong, whose suggestion sent me back to Rebel Xtravaganza just in time to win the Mellow skirt and Winterproof sweater from the lucky chair.

  5. Candy Lemmon

    I want to see you in menswear!

    There’s nothing sexier than a girl in a man’s shirt and tie. Try Armidi or Blaze for the button-down, and don’t forget a great hat.

  6. Luna Jubilee

    I think you should bring Disco back! That’s right – Disco … but Disco Skating baby!! Legwarmers, skates, that onepiece leotard that looks like a bathing suit and big poofy pigtails.

    Good Luck!! *giggles*

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