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Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. The same old story.  But when I got this lovely gift from Pixeldolls I WANTED to be swept away for a romantic night of dancing under the starts. I own enough jewerly from RICX to attend the opera every day for a month and never wear the same piece more than twice….I don’t see too m any people blogging RICX, but I like their stuff. And yes their jewelry has a bling OFF option so no you don’t HAVE to be a blingtard to shop there.  They offer a lot of jewels and traditional settings.

I never really have occasion to break out the NICE jewelry so I thought this dress was a nice reason. Even if I’m just wallflower.  🙁

This dress was a great reason to break out a kicky new set of PANTYHOSE from Toshy!

Here is the detail on these hose – Butterfly!

I’ll be moving over the next few days in RL – so my posting my be scarce! But I’ll see you back here soon if it is, I promise!

Another PXL Crys skin

Fashion Details
Shape Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – PXL Creations Natural Eyes Red lips and freckles
Hair – Diversity Hair Heiress Nutty Brown
Dress – Pixel Dolls – Amity
Shoes- Juicy – Slingbacks in Peppercorn
Hose – Shop Toshy Pantyhose in medium black – butterfly
Necklace – Mystic Gold Ruby necklace from RICX
Earrings – Gold and Ruby Dangle earrings from RICX

Statements regarding PXL Creations Content Theft Allegation: From Laqroki From PXL Creations
There has been no DCMA filed.

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