Don’t you just love serendipity? I not only love it when it happens, I love the sound of the word. It has a joyful, lucky sound to it – which is how I felt while putting away some shopping last night. I confess this SLurl project has been a budget buster as I frequently get sidetracked and end up actually shopping while I test the landmarks. And so it was I had a folder full of shopping to sort and put away and serendipity is how I ended up with this outfit.

I had just put on this Rose Flexidress from Mondira – made up of this skirt and a bodice of the same fabric – with the orange belt on the pants layer with the glitch pants.  My next folder to open happened to be the Honey Modanpink top I am wearing. Putting it on, I immediately thought, hmmm, I like this more than the top that comes with it. Then I remembered an outrageous pair of shoes I got in my first month or two on SL and knew I had to share the outfit. 

With it, I wore the lovely Gala Classic skin from Curio with the Monarch makeup. 


  • Shape: meili2 custom by Hatchy Mills
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: GP: Classic Monarch from Curio
  • Nails: Love Magic Glossy Pack Orange
  • Hair: 0 Style Reo Auburn -tinted
  • Skirt: Mondira Rose Flexidress Skirt pieces
  • Top: Honey Modanpink
  • Shoes: Jona Designs High Heel #2 Rainbow
  • Jewelry: EarthTones Chakra Boho Pumpkin 


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