Brrr, it got chilly last night!

In an amazing turnaround, the temperature dropped last night so quickly that I almost turned on my heat. Then I had a conversation with myself that went more of less like this:

Heat in July? Are you nuts? But it’s soooo cold! So put on a sweater, silly! oh, yeah!

Funny how you forget those handy dandy sweaters after you move them into the bottom drawer for the summer. Digging out a sweater in RL prompted me to dig out an SL sweater as well – to prevent any SL goose bumps marring my much beloved new skin from Curio.

The sweater from ALB Dream Fashion has all sorts of prim bits for fullness on the arms, the collar, the “skirt” and of course the belt. However, dropping them all in the above photo, you still have a lovely, wearable sleek cardigan.

I wore the sweater over Meu’s lovely print top and Muism’s highwaisted pants – a must on a cold night since the Meu top is only on the shirt layer and would bare the midriff otherwise. Dela earrings and bangles complete the look along with some Shiny Things slingbacks.

With this photo you can see the delightfully whimsical bodice edging on the top from Meu, with the flower cleverly cut out to pique your interest and draw your attention…not that a print so bold and lively as this needs to work at drawing attention.

  • meilli2 shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Curio Classic Nocturnal Skin
  • IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Bijou Nail Orange
  • Detour Luna Burgundy hair
  • Meu And Ska Shack Chita 1 top
  • Muism High Wait Trousers Brown
  • ALB Livia Wool Jacket Orange
  • Shiny Things Lady Slingback Chocolate
  • Dela Aida Bangles
  • Dela Antonia Earrings

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