Taking Lingerie Public, Part Two

One of my frustrations with Second Life® is that despite having utterly gorgeous lingerie we seldom get to wear it. Even when the layer is free, we often cannot wear our lingerie because straps will show or the thong will rise higher than our pants layer. Yes, we can wear it for our sweethearts, but in that case, how long does it really stay on? Last week I shared one strategy for taking our lingerie public. I decided I would make a continuing series on this topic, examples of lingerie I dragged out of the closet to give them some air.

Today I am using the most common, tried and true technique, wearing a lovely corset as a top. This stunning corset is from Simone Stern’s Style Starts Here – the Ruched Satin Corset with Gemmed Trim. This one is black but it comes in several other colors as well. The jeweled trim on the back of the corset is stunningly beautiful and such a surprise on lingerie.

In this photo you can see the details of the bodice, the lace inset and upper shelf, the ruched side panels with lace trim and the sensuous lines of the cut. This is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship and deserves to be shown off. It comes with gloves but I found them less interesting than the wonderful crochet gloves from Pixel Dolls, so I opted for the latter.

Such an exquisite top needs a skirt that can match it in quality. Ideally the textures should match or be complementary to each other. I originally considered the ever-reliable tulle skirt from Digit Darkes because you can toss it on with anything and it works. It’s magic like that. However, I think we have featured that skirt three or four times and I remembered a skirt from Material Squirrel that I thought would work. The second I put it on, I realized it was perfect. The satin textures match well in tone and sheen and the embellishment on the skirt makes it look as though the two creators sat down and planned this together. I also chose the wonderful black patent leather shoes that Maitreya featured at the Shoe Expo, their strappy lines and shiny patent leather setting off the outfit beautifully.

Because I am so in love with the Gala skins, I am adding this close-up of the Carbon makeup. With it I am wearing the Petal hat in Black and White from Elegance Hats because you would never suspect a woman wearing something so ladylike as this hat of wearing her lingerie on the outside.

The jewelry from Muse echoes the gem-studded back of the corset and the updo from Truth sets of the hat and the jewelry elegantly. Can I just say that I think Truth is the go-to place for updos? They have several and they are stunning.

There are several more photos on my Flickr.

  • meilli2 shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Curio Classic Carbon Skin
  • IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Truth Berri hair – fire
  • Style Starts Here: Ruched Satin Corset Set with Gemmed Trim – in black
  • Material Squirrel Armide Skirt
  • Maitreya Virtue in Black Patent Leather
  • Muse Triste Coeur Silver and Diamond Set
  • Pixel Dolls Black Crochet Dress Gloves
  • Elegance Hats – Petal hat in black and white

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  1. Marianne

    Ohh yes, I have 3 skirts from Material squirrel, and I use them with corsets too… think I have to purchase that corset you model here! Seeeexxxyyy!

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