How Wild Can It Get?

Wild Eyes like these these for the Classic Doily skin from Curio require an equally wild dress, and I promise you that after the cut, you will see a wild dress – a freebie that you can wear, oh… six, seven maybe more different ways. This skin is one of the outrageously gorgeous and unique skins from Curio that I fell in love with…and it’s Wild!

I know, I know, I said Black needed a vacation, etc., etc. Well, that was before I saw this luscious freebie (for the month of July) at ALB Dream Fashion. Poor Black, this outfit really gives him a workout. Now, before you get a little excited about this freebie, you should realize that it can only be worn about six or seven different ways with tops varying from bikini to corset, as a bikini, lingerie, a catsuit, with different skirts and different hats. Now, if you aren’t a lot excited, your fashion hunter drive is napping.

With it, I am wearing a couple pieces from Swallowtail, the Vintage Earrings and the Mix and Match black Chain Necklace. I opted to wear Draconic Kiss’ Revers a Lacet gloves rather than the lace ones that came with the outfit. The dress also has matching bracelets that I decided not to wear. The other optional hat is a black feather round hat in two pieces, one replacing your hair completely and then an additional prim with a splash of more black feathers. It’s lovely, but I opted for the more dramatic reach-for-the-sky plumage so I could wear the elegantly simple Biscuit from Laqroki.

Here you see the lovely lace prim skirt and the free-flowing beauty of the feather boa. Wild!

But then there’s the sculptie skirt that’s oh-so elegant and rich with detail such as the netting and feathersf from the other skirt peeing out from the hem. Wild!!

Here’s a few more options – forgive the slapdash composite, but I only decided to throw it together halfway through writing the post – As you can see, the possibilities are wild. I wore Storm Schmooz’ Desir de Noir that came with the lovely stockings – a perfect complement to the dress. 

More photos are available on my Flickr.



  • meilli2 shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Curio Classic Doily Skin
  • IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Laqroki Biscuit Red Hair
  • ALB Dream Fashion Audrey Dress
  • Draconic Kiss Revers a Lacet Black
  • Storm Schmooz Desir de Noir
  • Swallowtail Vintage Earrings
  • Swallowtail Mix and Match Chain Necklace Black

3 thoughts on “How Wild Can It Get?

  1. Gidge Uriza

    I cannot believe you are wearing a different skin….you know, this is the first step down the path….
    I used to be a one skin girl………and look at me now.

    A full blown skin-junkie.

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