Curio-sity Captured Cajsa

This is a quickie. I had another post ready to go when I forgot the store name on the skirt and in searching, discovered it was from a Business in a Box – and who can tell if it’s legitimate or not, so I threw everything out. However, I did have this cute outfit from Beauty Avatar that I wanted to highlight for its casual simplicity. I tossed it on with those elegant go-with-anything silk heels from Paper Couture and a Group Gift necklace I received from Curio today. The only thing that would make me happier with the top is if the two pieces of the top were on separate layers instead of one – because I like to play with my clothes.

Besides, what I really want you to focus on is the skin. Isn’t it lovely?

I am not a skin fanatic and most of the time, you will find me in my dependable Laqroki Amy skin that I bought my second week in Second Life®. I have a few for really dressing up because they have more DRAMA (Imagen, Chai, blowpop) or have a look that I really want (MiaSnow) for a shoot I have in mind. Still, none of them have felt like a skin I would wear everyday the way i wear Amy. Until last night when I tried on the group gift skin from Curio. It was love at first sight.

This is not a review of the skin – for one, I am too in love to be impartial. Secondly, I am a bit of a pixel prude and am not going to shoot pics of my bits. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful to those of you less prudishly challenged than me for the great reviews, but it’s not for me.  The best skin review anyway is getting a demo and running home and checking it out for yourself on your shape.

So get thyself down to Curio, join thyself to the group and thou shalt receive a munificence of gifts in the archives whilst thou tryest on the demos.



  • meilli2 custom shape by hatchy mills
  • Curio Classic Russet Skin
  • IC-Eyes
  • Bishwear Toss Me Around Auburn
  • Bijou Nail Deep Dream Plum
  • Beauty Avatar Bologna (single layer top and skirt)
  • Paper Couture Silk Wrapped Shank Heel Putty
  • Kraftika #114 Earrings
  • Curio Vintage Heart Necklace – Old Gold Purple (Group Gift)

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